Discover the “Fastest & Easiest” way to sort your Lego bricks. 

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Collection starting to take over the house?

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Your Lego bricks move around in a cycle.  You organize, sort, store and build with these same blocks, over and over. How well you organize, and how quickly you sort, decides how much time you get to spend building. 

What you need is a simple system that lets you quickly sort your entire collection. A system that lets you easily find any brick you need. And I have that system all figured out.  It's called Sorted By Sunday. 

Organizing is about choosing which bricks go into what bins, and how they are grouped together.

Sorting is the process of taking your mixed up elements and putting them in the correct bins. 

Storage is whatever you keep your bricks in. Bins, boxes, and bags are all different types of Lego storage. 

This is why you do the first 3 steps, so you can find the right elements and build more with the bricks you already own. 

Who am I?

Just Another Lego Dad

When my son turned 2 I got a box in the mail from my parents. It was my old Lego collection. I hadn't seen it in 20 years, but boy was I excited. At first we goofed around a built a few things, but I quickly realized we needed more bricks.

So I found an amazing score on Craigslist and soon we had all the bricks we would ever need. If we could only find them. But we never could, and it was so frustrating. Still, we kept trying.

It took years of work and lots of mistakes, but we now have the best Lego storage and organizing system on the market.  If you have more than 10 sets in your mixed up storage bin, you need this system.

We will show you a simple step by step process that anyone can follow.  This system is so easy that my 6 year old son Hanu was sorting and building the first day.  

But don’t let the simplicity fool you.  It makes finding parts so easy that the very first week Hanu build 12 new models. It made building so fun that Mom even got in on the act.  It will change how your family builds.

Not only will you create more models, but better ones too. Knowing where to find any brick makes building much more fun, and super fast sorting makes clean up a breeze

A Few Of My Son Hanu's First "Sorted Brick" Builds

Lego Tower Crane

We had to buy about $50 in parts from Bricklink to build this one, but Hanu absolutely loved it.  Much cheaper than buying it for $200 on Ebay.  Lego City Tower Crane 7905

Lego Garbage Truck

We bought this set back in 2016 and soon it became part of the mixed up bins. But Hanu took my recent "sick day" to put it back together all by himself. Lego City Garbage Truck 60118

Lego Sea Life

The first day I got finished sorting our bricks, Hanu started building. That week he used the Build It Sea Life book that had been collecting dust for years, and created all of these.

Lego Front Loader

This was another of Hanu's recent builds and I'm not even sure where he found the instructions. He has become so good at finding a model and building it that I missed working on this whole project. 

Stop Buying More Lego Sets

Buying brand new Lego sets is expensive. Like really, really expensive. Usually around 10 cents per brick.

But used and mixed up bricks are cheap. We find amazing deals on Lego bricks for 1/10th of that price or even less. 

You don't need to go out and buy more sets. The instructions are all online. You can build them all, if you just know how to find the parts.  Let us help. 

75% of the bricks you just bought are already in your collection. You don't need to buy them again, you just need to find them.

a better way to build

Discover how to turn that bin of mixed up bricks into a sorted and organized collection... In 1 Week!

Yes it really is possible. To take your bins with 25,000 or more bricks and get them fully organized and stored in less than one week.

The key is not to over-sort. You only want to organize your bricks enough to make them easy to find, no more. Let me show you how...