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Building is the most fun part of having Lego. This is why we take the time to sort and organize our bricks, so that we can build more. Don't waste all day getting organized, there is a much faster way.

Our Complete Building Guide

Massive Guide To Building Custom Lego Sets

Building custom Lego sets is one of the most fun things you can do with your bricks. It allows you to go beyond the sets you have purchased and make some really amazing inventions. We

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Build More - With Sorted By Sunday

Sorted by Sunday is our complete Lego organizing and building program. In less than 1 week you can take a messy room full of mixed up bricks and turn it into a sorted an organized collection. Find any piece in seconds. Build more and build better, with Sorted By Sunday. 

Lego Building Tip

When you go out and buy a new Lego set, you are mostly buying the same bricks you already own. Do you have a 2x4 grey brick? How about a technic pin? Yes these are almost certainly in the the new set you are about to buy, and the instructions are online. You don't need more bricks to build new Lego sets, you just need an easy way to find the bricks you already own.

Build Classic Sets

Instructions for every Lego set ever made are available online for Free. Most of the bricks used in these are common, so you can rebuild classic Lego sets, without buying them.

Rebuild Your Old Sets

Did you buy the Batmobile or Space Shuttle a few years back. Well then you definitely own the bricks to re-build it, you just need an easy way to find them.

Design New Models

Creating new builds is way more fun when you don't have to spend all day looking for parts. Our simple and fast organization system will have you inventing new models in no time.

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The Joy Of Lego Building

Lego building never gets old, even if Lego builders do. But digging to the bottom of aa huge bin of bricks sure does get old. Don't waste your precious building time searching for parts, get organized and get back to building.

About the Builders


I'm David Tatera

I am a busy father of 2 who re-discovered his childhood passion for Lego building. After working with my son for months to create new and better builds I got tired of digging through mixed up blocks. So I stopped, and created something better. A simple and fast system to sort all of your Lego bricks. I call it Sorted By Sunday

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