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  • March 31, 2021
  • 29 Cheerful Lego Christmas Activities For 2020

    Christmas is the busiest time of year in the Lego world. Between Christmas gifts, time off, and a focus on family this is the perfect time to get in some extra building. I am going to show you some amazing Lego Christmas builds that you can do as a family with the bricks you already own. I'll also take a look at some of the new Lego Christmas sets coming out this year.

    DIY Lego Christmas Activities

    I wanted to make the Lego Christmas activities fun and low prep. These are all easy projects that can work with builders of all ages. They are made with common bricks and can be put together in an afternoon. 

    Let's start off with a super simple and fun activity that can be done with kids of any age. The Lego Duplo Christmas craft by B-Inspired Mama is a great way to kick off the holidays. You can do this with Lego or Duplo and you can use many of the Lego Christmas ornaments featured below. You just need a stamp pad, some construction paper and your bricks. We had the kids make them for their grandparents and cousins, they had a blast and made way more cards than we could send. I have also seen other kids turn their stamp designs into wrapping paper and other gifts. 


    Another great "non-building" Lego activity for any kid is the Lego gingerbread house by Hellowonderful. Simply cut out some cardboard pieces into the shape of the house you want to build. Cover and shape with playdough. Add bricks and decorations to complete the scene.  Older builders can create a larger winter wonderland with more buildings and more complicated decorations. 


    Innovation Kids Lab has a great Christmas idea with the Lego jingle bell maze. All you need for this is a baseplate, some basic bricks and a small jingle bell. Start by setting up a simple maze to see who can do it the fastest. You can update the maze and add new bricks to change it up. Time yourselves to see who it the fastest. That little jingling sound makes this activity a blast for kids of all ages. 


    These Lego Christmas puzzles from I Can Teach My Child are hours of reusable fun for younger builders. These were made in just a few minutes using a few Duplo bricks, some printouts, double sided tape and an exacto knife. By changing the image you can turn these to fit any season. Our kids also had a blast mixing the puzzles up to create their own characters. 


    Making a Lego Christmas mosaic like the one here from Childhood101 is a perfect afternoon activity for young Lego builder. Baseplate templates are available from lots of websites featuring reindeer, Santa, snowmen and lots more.

    There is even a free program called the Legoaizer that can convert any image into a mosaic template. These projects involve a lot of counting and measuring, but the build skills are very easy. This makes it a great activity for working together with little ones and older builders. 

    Keep The Plans For Next Year

    Lego Ornaments are awesome. Both of my kids love them and love seeing them on the tree. They make a point to show them to everyone who comes in our house. So make sure you save the plans, because they will want them on the tree again next year. 

    Lego Christmas Ornaments

    Lego bricks are the perfect size and weight to create some awesome Christmas ornaments. These can be fun to make for home, school and even as gifts. Lots of sites out there have designs for these, but many lack instructions or build videos. This can make it frustrating as you try to figure out how it was made.  

    I am going to show you a few of my favorite sites below that feature the best Lego Ornaments, with building instructions. I will also include a few with great designs, but no instruction in case you want inspiration to create your own.


    Chris McVeigh has produced some of the best looking, most well designed Lego ornaments for many years. It is no surprise he was eventually scooped up to work at Lego and had to stop producing new designs on his site. Still many of his older Lego Ornaments (2014-2018) are available.

    If you haven't seen these before, take a look. They are beautiful, well designed and come with free downloadable instructions. I do recommend looking at the build list before you start. Some of these require a few rare or older bricks, so look them over before starting.


    Frugal Fun 4 Boys has some really fun and simple Lego Christmas ornaments on their site. They offer a full instruction set ($4.99) or you can follow along with the pictures to build these. I really appreciate the simplicity of their builds. They are built from mostly common bricks and each can be made in 10-15 minutes. Add a snowman and some presents to complete your tree. 


    If you are looking for a Christmas ornament that can turn into a great gift, then look no further.  These Holiday photo wreathes from Honey and Lime are a perfect present for little builders to make. These only require 16 2x2 square plates and 10 1x1 round plates. (very common bricks) You can build one in just a few minutes and since they are such common bricks, give them away.  These can also be fun to keep and build again every year. That way your tree turns into a photo album. 


    Doodle Craft Blog has created a really simple and cute little Lego train ornament. It only takes about 15 basic bricks to make and there are great photo instructions on the site. If you are looking to add one more Lego Christmas ornament to the tree, this is a fast and easy one. 


    Peter Johnston has created a Flickr album filled with amazing Lego Christmas ornaments. All of his builds are small, fairly simple and don't require special bricks. His style though is really fun and all of his designs turn out great. He does not post any instructions and only limited pictures, so you will have to figure the builds out yourself. Many of these ornaments are simple enough to copy from just one picture. 

    Lego Christmas Trees

    Building your own Lego Christmas Tree is another fun and easy holiday activities. There are lots of great DIY builds that are simple and have free instructions. There are also some great Christmas Tree sets that Lego has released. 


    The simple, 37 piece tree on the left was created by Noggels and the instructions can be downloaded here. This build is very easy to follow, uses common pieces and gives you a cute little tree. The build on the right was designed by Pley.com.

    It appears they have closed their site so I am posting the downloadable instructions for this fun basic Lego Christmas tree here. These are bricks you can find in even a very basic collection, so anyone can try this. If you like making these types of builds, I recommend using a Lego sorter to separate your bricks so that they are easier to find


    The next two both come from Chris McVeigh and I have included links to the instructions for each. (Left Tree , Right Tree) These are more complicated builds and will require a larger Lego collection. If you don't have the bricks you need but still want to build one of these you can always buy them on Bricklink. I explain how to do this in our in depth guide to building custom Lego sets.

    Lego Building Tip

    Most Lego Christmas trees are made using a lot of green bricks. This can be a little difficult for smaller collections since green is not the most common brick color. If you run into this, don't be afraid to mix it up. Last year we build a white Christmas tree that looked absolutely awesome. 


    This was a really simple but cute Lego Christmas Tree set (30286) released in 2015. It is no longer sold in retail stores so Ebay and Bricklink are your best choices if you want to buy this. But you can probably just build it. Every brick in the build is very common. Take a look at the instructions to see if you already have what it takes to make this set.


    This Lego Christmas Tree (40338) was released just last year. It is also out of retail, and will require you to buy it from another collector. This was a much larger and more detailed build with a few rare elements like the star. Building this will require a larger collection with some organization to complete. It may require substituting a few pieces, but if you have enough green bricks go for it, here are the instructions.

    Christmas Set Sell Out Fast

    If you are thinking of buying any Lego Advent or Christmas sets, jump on it fast. Every year these sell out quickly and by November you have to pay 2x the normal price to get one on Ebay. 

    Lego Advent Calendars

    For the 2020 holiday season Lego will be rolling out 4 different advent calendar sets. Each comes with 24 mini builds (1 per day). All three sets are suitable for younger builders (5+, 6+, 7+) and each has a different theme. These are a really fun way to take down some of the Christmas anxiety that little ones often feel.  For $20-30 you have a new thing for them to open, build and play with every day. 

    Official Lego Advent Calendars


    First up is the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar (75279). This set is for 6 or older. It includes 6 minifigures, 6 buildable figures, and 12 mini build toys. With a mini Millennium Falcon, A-wing, TIE Fighter and X-wing you have hours of fun just with these ships alone. The set retails for $39.99 on Lego.com or $29.97 on Amazon


    The Lego City Advent Calendar (60268) is made for kids 5 or older. It comes with 6 minifigures, 6 mini scenes, and 12 tiny vehicles. With a train, helicopter, cargo ship and dump truck included, this set will keep your kids busy for days. The set retails for $29.99 on Lego.com or $19.97 on Amazon.


    The Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75981) is for a little older kid (7+) and is designed to come together at the end and make the Yule Ball scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  It also has 6 of the best minifigures (Harry, Hermione, Ron) as well as countless props and backgrounds from the movies. If you have a Harry Potter fan, they will find acting out the scenes with this set is a blast. The set retails for $39.99 on Lego.com or $29.97 on Amazon


    The Lego Friends Advent Calendar (41420) is the last of our 4 advent sets for 2020. It is the smallest (236 pieces) and features only 2 figures (Emma & Mrs Claus). The remainder of the set is a variety of other items (skateboard, snowball launchers) which are designed for more narrative play. Lego did a great job of adding playability to this set in the details. (the snowball launcher can launch snowballs and the skateboard rolls)  The set retails for $29.99 on Lego.com or $26.99 on Amazon

    DIY Lego Advent Calendars


    This advent calendar by Willowday is also a Christmas tree build. The instructions are designed in 24 steps, so that you can include one step of bricks with each day. It is fun to watch the tree grow each day and gives the kids something to open.


    This is a much more elaborate DIY Advent Calendar by Frugal Fun 4 Boys. It features 24 small compartments each with a different treat. I'm not sure my son would be able to open just 1 each day, but it looks like fun. Building something like this is much more fun when your collection is organized and has the proper Lego storage. Searching for parts can definitely take the fun out of it.

    This build does not come with detailed instructions, but they do show you how to build some of the slider or gear based holders. You will have to be a little creative, but there are lots of ways to hide a piece of candy with Lego. 


    Lastly is the DIY Lego Advent Minifigure Calendar by 3 Garnets 2 Sapphires. This is another of the simple and quick ways to create a fun daily experience for your kid throughout the holidays. Just pick out a set of Minifigure pieces, add a few accessories and bag it up. Then number them and hang them up so your little one has a new figure to play with each day. 

    Lego Christmas Sets 2020

    So far there are only 2 special Lego Christmas sets released for 2020 and already both are hard to come by. 

    First is the Lego Elf Club House 10275. This is a gorgeous and playful build that would get even a Lego master builder into the Christmas spirit. It is made for an older builder, especially since it does have batteries and lighting. Right now the only place I could find these is Lego.com. they retail for $99.99 which is a great price considering it is almost 1200 pieces. 


    The other Lego Christmas set released for 2020 is the Creator Gingerbread House 10267. Another fantastic build with great details (like the snowblower) designed to get you in the holiday mood. This set is already sold out almost everywhere. Amazon does have some listed by private sellers ranging from $150 and up. 


    Well, that is all for Lego Christmas 2020. I hope this helped you plan some fun activities and got you in the Christmas mood. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for other fun Christmas related Lego projects. For all our other great articles make sure to check out our Lego blog.


    David Tatera

    David was first introduced to the brick when his family took a vacation to Legoland in 1980. He spent the next 10 years building and creating till he put aside his toys for other interests. Recently those bricks came back into his life as a father of two. From there David developed the Sorted By Sunday system to help improve how his family built with Lego and created this site to share it with the world.

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