Lego Organizing

Organizing your bricks is the first step. This is when you decide which bricks go together and which don't. Should you separate by color, theme, size? Don't worry, we already figured it out. 

The Ultimate Guide To Lego Organizing

Organizing LEGO Takes More Than A Lego Organizer

Let’s get something clear to start, there is a difference between a Lego organizer and organizing your Lego bricks. Lego organizers usually refer to the towers of small plastic drawers you see in Lego Master

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Get Organized - With Sorted By Sunday

Organizing is the brain work you do before you start to sort. Will you keep all your Technic bricks in one bin, or are you going to separate them by color? How many different bins will you keep and which parts go in each? If you want the fastest and easiest way to organize your bricks, look no further. 

Lego Organizing Tips

Organizing by color may seem to be the obvious choice, but it really isn't necessary. Your eyes are designed to pick up millions of shades of color, quickly and easily. You can see a ripe fruit on a tree immediately, even though it is a similar shape to the leaves around it. To take your brick building to the next level you need to organize your bricks by shape and function... not color. 

Minimum # Of Bins

The last thing you need is a wall with 100's of different containers. Just enough to make finding your bricks easy.

Easy To Learn

This system is simple. So simple that my 7 year old understood it the first day, and was sorting our bricks within a week.

Substitutes Are Nearby

Sometimes you just don't have the exact brick you need. But you have a very similar brick. Keep them together.

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It took me years of trial and error to find a decent sorting system. I read all the blogs and forums, I spoke to expert builders and still I was stuck. Don't do it alone, check out the free guide below to get started.

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I love Lego building with my family and friends. My Dad figured out a great way to sort and organize our bricks. It's easy to find the pieces and I can make anything from online instructions. If you want to rebuild your favorite sets or create new cool stuff, check out our system - Sorted By Sunday

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