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Does your Lego building room look like this? Bins of mixed bricks everywhere, good luck finding any piece. But sorting this would take forever? Not if you listen to me.

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Fastest LEGO Sorter: Start Sorting Today!

The right Lego Sorter will get you done 10x faster. It will make the whole process fun and easy. But sorting by hand is a nightmare. It is slow, boring and never seems to end.

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Custom Sorting Tools - Sorted By Sunday

When you finally sort your bricks, you'll realize something. It's so fun, having an organized collection, and you will build much more. This will lead you to sort again. So you better get fast, or you'll never have time to build

Lego Sorting Tip

Sorting fast is really, really important, and to sort fast you need the right tools. I can show you the tools and techniques to sort over 10x faster than by hand. Plus... it's way more fun! Yes sorting Lego can be really fun, my 7 yr old loves it, and I think you will too.

2 Sorters You Need

I figured out the with 2 different sorting tools, you can finish the job 10x faster.

The Right Techniques

It isn't just having the right tools, but using them the right ways too.

Faster & Faster

Every time you use this system, your brain and your hands get faster.

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Sort Faster So You Can Build More

If you setup you Lego system and it takes you weeks just to sort your bricks, you'll never stick with it. Slowly your bricks will become messy again, because you won't want to spend more weeks sorting them again. Instead you need a super fast system to sort, so you can build more. 

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We're David & Sophia

I'm David and this is my 3 yr old daughter Sophia. She loves to show up in my videos and say hi to everyone, and just like her brother, she loves to build Lego. It might be sticking dots on a baseplate, making new minifigures, or a playdough/brick house, but we always find a way to play together.  

David And Sophia

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