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  • May 20, 2020
  • Lego Storage To Avoid

    When it comes to storing your bricks, there are a lot of really bad options out there. Often they come disguised. They may look like the solution to all of your brick problems, but they are not.

    Most Lego storage just makes your collection look neat and clean. It does nothing to address the real problem. How do I find the bricks I need to build? If you want your collection to look cool on the outside, then buy whatever. If you want to get your bricks sorted so that you can build more, then read on.

    Popular Lego Storage

    Do you have 10 or more Lego sets in your parts bin? Then you need a building system. (Like Sorted By Sunday) A way to find instructions for what you want to build and easily pull together the pieces to make it. Most of the common Lego storage solutions don’t work for this.

    Let’s look at two of the most popular storage options and see why they don’t solve the problem.

    Organizer Drawers

    One of the most common solutions is a tower of little drawers. At first glance this looks perfect. Each piece in its own place. Easy to find.


    Problem: There are 2,500 different elements in 51 colors.

    Are you planning to get 100s or 1000s of little drawers? How will you decide what goes in each? How many months will this take to finish? Will you really finish?

    I tried downloading all the brick labels and getting all the little drawers. It was completely confusing. I felt lost where to start and every step forward lead to two steps backward. I was getting nowhere.

    Unless you have hundreds of thousands of bricks, and months to spend sorting, this is not the solution you want.  For an easier solution, check out our FREE Lego Sorting Guide

    2nd Problem: All of your bricks are locked together

    If you have a dedicated room just for Lego and you want to mount these on the wall by your building desk, then this can work. For most people Lego is just a part of their toy collection, and so it needs to be moveable.

    I like being able to pull a few Technic bins out on the floor when I need technic parts. Not having to pull my whole collection. When I am done building I can stack my collection away on a shelf or in the closet. Organizer drawers live in one place and don’t like to be moved or they spill.

    Lego Storage Tables

    For younger builders Lego Storage Tables can look like the perfect combination. You have somewhere to store your bricks and somewhere to build and play. This should keep the mess down and the kids happy... right? 


    The problem with this is that Lego Tables just don't have enough storage compartments. Even the best ones out there only have 3 or 4 bins, and that will not allow you to sort your collection.

    The organizers have too many compartments and the tables too few, so what is the answer?

    Lego Storage Totes

    I have found that inexpensive and simple storage totes are the best solution out there.  They allow you to change and adapt as your collection grows, they work great for group play, and they keep the mess contained. 


    You can organize and store your entire collection for under $50. I have the entire system worked out and we call it Sorted By Sunday.  This program will walk you through every step and teach you the fastest and easiest way to orgaize your bricks.  If you are ready to move past the mixed up bin, then it is time for you to get Sorted By Sunday.

    Thanks again for hanging out today at the Build More Store.  For more great articles on building, sorting, storing and organizing take a look at the Lego Blog.

    Thanks again and Aloha!

    David Tatera

    David was first introduced to the brick when his family took a vacation to Legoland in 1980. He spent the next 10 years building and creating till he put aside his toys for other interests. Recently those bricks came back into his life as a father of two. From there David developed the Sorted By Sunday system to help improve how his family built with Lego and created this site to share it with the world.

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