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  • March 31, 2021
  • Discover The Best Lego Table To Fit Your Home

    Ready to upgrade your workspace with a new Lego Table. Do you know which table is the right one for your building style and room? Have you thought about who will be using it most? What kinds of projects they are looking to do with it? How is your collection organized? If you don't understand these first, you are likely to buy a table that really doesn't fit.

    I am going to show you 21 innovative Lego tables that can help you build more. Some are simple tables with Lego baseplates glued on top. Others are elaborate folding designs with storage built in. Some can be purchased online and others you will have to build yourself. As you look at these examples think about the questions above. This will help you make sure to get a Lego table that makes your building more fun.

    The Good & Bad Of Lego Tables

    Lego tables create a dedicated space to build in your home. They can help confine the chaos of children+Lego to a manageable size. Some even have storage to keep your bricks and channels to push loose pieces. They can also be a way of keeping a large Lego build, like a city, out and able to be played with. The smallest Lego table are just a few feet in size with the biggest taking up entire rooms. While each of these tables can help you build more, they can also hinder you. 

    Most Lego tables for sale are designed for kids. They are short (20-24" tall) usually have a top made out of baseplates, and 2-8 drawers for storage. The problem with these is that you can't change the size and shape of your building area. If you want to expand your city beyond the table, there is no easy way to do that. 

    Most of these tables also have very limited storage options and are not flexible. You are stuck with the number and size of bins. If your collection grows, you will have to keep some bricks elsewhere. I am a firm believer that builders of all ages need to organize their bricks. Most Lego tables do not have enough storage to do even a basic sorting. If you want to understand this process better, take a read through our detailed guides on Lego organizing and Lego sorters. 

    My 2 Favorite Lego Tables


    My favorite Lego table has to be the Portable Lego Creation Station by Tez Gelmir. This is a DIY table and he has posted detailed instructions for it on instructables. It is portable, has a build in Lego organizer, enough containers to organize and folds up neatly to put away. This isn't an easy project to build, but you don't need to make all of the details he did. (simulated studs and logo top) 


    If you don't want to spend as much time building and want something quick, this IKEA hack by is also a great option. The base is made from 4 slotted organizers with a plywood top. This gives a lot of room for multiple kids to play and has plenty of storage, just run your bricks through a Lego sorter and you are on your way. 

    I love the fact that they did not glue down baseplates on the top giving it lots of flexibility. If you have the dedicated space for something like this it can be a great option. A small but important improvement would be adding some trim around the tabletop to keep bricks from falling off. (and being stepped on)

    Lego Tables With Storage

    As you can probably tell I believe Lego storage is the most important part of choosing a good table. There are lots of options out there, but many have significant flaws. I want to show you a variety of Lego Table with storage and talk about their good and bad points. 

    Lego Storage Tip

    Lego storage tables seem like a great combination. You get a place to keep your bricks and somewhere to build. Just be careful because when you set up an area like this, you are limiting yourself to build only there, and that can be a problem if you end up wanting to build with your friends. 


    This Lego table is another great Ikea hack from That Mommy Blog. It is built using some basic Trofast storage frames and has a lot of good elements. The table can be raised as your child grows, and flipped over to build with or without baseplates. This gives it great versatility. It has more storage than most Lego tables, but with only 10 bins it is a little light. (My system called Sorted By Sunday uses 30-40 containers based on the collection)


    This Lego table featured on The Organized Housewife uses a combination of storage systems and shelf space. This gives it enough containers to properly sort your bricks. The challenges here are that you only have one size of bin. (When you organize your collection, some categories take up more space than others) It is also fixed in place against the wall.

    My kids like to move around when they build and this would be a challenge for us. Lastly one of the problems with most Lego Tables with storage, you can't tuck your legs under the table. While this may seem like a small thing, try building for a few hours hunched over the table. It might not be a problem for kids, but adult builders will feel it. 


    This is another great Lego storage table by Amy Freeman. This is simplicity at it's best. Coffee tables like this can be found all over, and with the open shelf below you have plenty of different storage options. (although the space is limited.

    I can't tell if the baseplates were glued down or left free  to move. Caution, if you do decide to add base plates to your Lego table, check the fit thoroughly before gluing them down. Some plates have a slightly different height or stud placement, which can lead to disaster. 

    Lego Table Tops

    Lego table tops are mostly normal tables with stud covered baseplates attached to the top.  Some are reversible, allowing you to flip over the table top for a smooth surface.  Some are fixed, with only the stud to build from and others are floor trays that can hide away under a bed or couch.


    Both of the tables above are made by Lego Education. Neither is currently in stock but they give you a good idea of different styles to look at. The one on the left is a little more versatile for open building. It is simple, clean and reversible.

    You can gather many people around it to work and store your bricks elsewhere in an organized style. The open bottom means you can pull up a chair comfortably to work. If you like building large city style models, this is the best setup for a Lego Table. If you are limited for space, these can easily be built out of a folding table for easy storage.  

    The table on the right is built for classroom style education. Each person has their own space and interaction is limited. If you are teaching with Lego and want to have multiple students working on independent projects, this is a great style for you.

    The central bin is good for clean up, but not for storage, so you will need to look for another home for your bricks. If you are interested in learning more about Lego storage, we have a whole section of the site dedicated just to that. 


    If you just need the studded surface to build on I would look into building a Lego tray. The example on the left comes from Thrifty Decor Chick. It is 30" x 30" and has a nice border to keep pieces on. I am a big fan of this style since I find that building on the floor is much more common in our house. We are usually sharing storage bins and moving around, so I like this flexible simple approach.  This also gives you the option to flip it up and turn it into a Lego wall.

    If you are going to construct this yourself make sure all of your baseplates work together. The ones on the right are sold in a 4 pack on Amazon for $30. They come with an adhesive backing to make assembly even easier. 

    Lego Tables With Chairs

    Lego tables with chairs are mostly for younger builders. Two examples below are both made by Humble Crew, are inexpensive and easy to find. 


    The first table here is called the 2 in 1 Square Plastic Activity Table and Chair Set.  It retails for $60.99 on Target's website and is available in most stores. If you are trying to create a corner for your young builders to work, this could be a great, inexpensive option.

    What I like about this table is that the baseplates are removable giving you a few building options. It is also lightweight, and easy to move (although I wish the chairs were stackable). With no storage, you will have to choose another location to keep your bricks. I think this is a good thing. Most tables with storage have too few containers. 


    This is another simple options which is available at Home Depot for $44.99. It offers fewer chairs, but adds the cover and side nets. This is perfect for little ones, since getting the bricks into the bag is about all the cleanup you can hope for. The cover is nice for building with bricks and playing games. Match this with some good Lego storage and you have an inexpensive building space. 

    Lego Tables Can Be Great For Kids

    Even a cheap and simple Lego table can be lots of fun for young builders. It gives them a structured place to play and show off their work. Just don't expect it to keep down the mess... it won't. 

    Lego Table For Kids

    Lego tables for kids are usually short, with a baseplate top, and some minimal storage. These can work well if the storage is really just a place for cleanup, rather than somewhere to store your bricks. 


    The first one here is made by KidKraft and retails for $91.99 with free shipping. I like this one because the low height allows you to build while sitting on the floor. It has a reversible top and one big storage space for toys and cleanup.

    This set comes with a starter set of 200 basic bricks (Lego compatible) and a30 piece wooden trainset. If you just want a space to sit and play with your kids this can be a great option. It is well constructed and designed. 


    The Lego table above is made by UTEX and sells for $80-150 based on the color of the baskets and if it comes with chairs. These are a good table for a little older builder. They are taller than the KidKraft (21" vs 16") making it more of a sitting table than a floor table.

    The large baskets slide out making cleanup a breeze. The top is reversible for crafts and other games. This is a well constructed and good looking piece of furniture. Add some shelves with storage and you can create a beautiful building corner. 

    Lego Table For Adults

    There are not very many commercially available Lego tables for adults. Most adult builders are looking for large open spaces to create projects and don't need the cleanup or storage. 


    The first one here is made by creaTABLE and retails for $349.99.  This is a solid, hardwood oak table with a Lego compatible top. It comes in 4 height options from 17"-30" and has one giant drawer that slides out with 4 large bins.

    Most adult builders will find 4 bins to be too little for sorted bricks, but these can be very handy for unfinished sections of a large build. This table is probably best for an teen builder or a parent who likes to build with their kids, rather than an adult who builds alone. 


    Here is an example of a full DIY adult Lego table by Jangbricks.  As you can see this was designed to be the home of a massive and complicated custom Lego set. He has left the middle open to allow access for both building and wiring. This table is meant to allow continued work on the layout and elements within the city. 

    If you are an adult looking to create your own Lego master builder creations, the a custom table, or multiple tables together will be your best option. If you decide to use multiple existing tables, make sure to add latches underneath to lock the tables together. This will make sure you don't bump your tables apart sending your city to the ground. Also be careful when planning your baseplates. As I mentioned before some are a little thicker than others and this can create a mess when you have to build across multiple plates. 

    I hope this has helped you to pick out the right Lego table for your space. There are 100's of other tables out there, so if you know of something great I missed, please mention it in the comments below.  Aloha!

    Thanks for joining me today at the Build More Store. To see the latest articles make sure to check out the Lego Blog or for some great holiday activities make sure to browse our page on Lego Christmas.

    David Tatera

    David was first introduced to the brick when his family took a vacation to Legoland in 1980. He spent the next 10 years building and creating till he put aside his toys for other interests. Recently those bricks came back into his life as a father of two. From there David developed the Sorted By Sunday system to help improve how his family built with Lego and created this site to share it with the world.

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