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You don't need to spend 100's of dollars and remodel your home, just to store your Lego bricks. I stored my entire, sorted & organized collection (over 100 lbs) for under $50.

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Ultimate LEGO Storage Guide | 22 Best Ways

Have the bricks taken over the house? Ready for some amazing Lego storage ideas to get your collection in shape? Then you need the Ultimate Lego Storage Guide. Here we will cover everything to get

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Save On Storage with Sorted By Sunday

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Lego Storage Tip

Do you plan to grow your collection? Most builders do. It might mean buying new sets, or used bricks, but either way your collection will grow. So you better not buy one of those organizers and attach it to the wall... that can't grow. This is something Lego builders often forget when they finally get organized. You need to stay flexible, your collection will change.

Inexpensive Solution

You don't need to spend a fortune and remodel the house, you just need an organized way to store your bricks.

Highly Flexible

Your collection will grow. You may get into Technic or Mindstorms. Your storage needs to grow too.

Works With Groups

Sometimes it's fun to build with friends. Putting all of your bricks into little drawers attached to a wall doesn't work. We have a better way. 

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Sorting & Storing Can Be Fun & Easy

Most builders I talk to dread sorting and storing their collection. The don't want to waste the time sorting (rather be building) and they don't want to spend the $ on storage (rather buy bricks). It doesn't have to be this way. I can show you how to sort fast and store cheap. 

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From Our Busy Family

Work, life, business, building, we are a busy family. Yes I love to build Lego with these two, but we have a lot more going on. That's why I want to share this with you. No matter how busy you are, there can still be time to sort your bricks.

David Sosi Hanu

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