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  • May 20, 2020
  • Why Lego Organizers Don’t Work

    Take a quick search for Lego organizers. They all look pretty much the same. A tower or cabinet filled with lots of small bins or drawers. Some have a few different sizes of drawers. Some are all the same.

    This seems like a good idea at first. We have all seen a picture of some super organized collection. A room full of tiny drawers all labeled and sorted. It looks like you could build anything there.

    But its strength is also its weakness.

    The Problem With Organizers

    I call it over sorting.  This is when you break your collection into hundreds of tiny drawers with labels on each.  Sorting like this will take months.  Most people don’t complete it.  Guess what happens each time you build something; you get to sort it again. 

    A system like this makes it extremely easy to find any part.  It also means you will spend lots of time cleaning and sorting.  It is also unnecessary for almost all builders. 

    Unless you have hundreds of thousands of bricks and build massive creations this is too much sorting.  I have tested and found that 30-40 different containers with bricks grouped together is the optimal way to organize your collection.

    It is the Sorted By Sunday system. Sorting is 10x faster and pieces are easy to find.  It really is the best way to organize your collection. 


    Why Bins Are Better

    Tote bins work much better than organizers and for a few important reasons. Before you go out and spend 100's of dollars remodeling your room, take a little time to consider a few things. 

    You Collection Will Change

    As the builders in your home grow and learn, your collection will change. Over time Lego city builders become Technic builders and eventually move on to Mindstorms robotics.


    During this process your bricks and storage will grow and change. The last thing you want is to remodel your house every time this happens. So keep it flexible. Use simple, modular storage and you will be able to adjust to the changes in your house. Check out our FREE Lego Sorting Guide for more information on this. 

    Building Together

    Playing Lego

    In our house, building together is the norm. We have 2 young kids who always like to get in on the action, so we need a system that can be used by more than one builder at the same time. Lego organizers don't work for this.

    These walls of tiny drawers are not meant to be moved around. Plus there is only enough room for one person to access them at a time. What a pain.

    You may build with family, or even just friends, but in any case you will probably build with someone else. So make sure your bricks are setup for this, by choosing the right Lego Storage

    Thanks again for hanging out today at the Build More Store.  For more great articles on building, sorting, storing and organizing take a look at the Lego Blog.

    Thanks again and Aloha!

    David Tatera

    David was first introduced to the brick when his family took a vacation to Legoland in 1980. He spent the next 10 years building and creating till he put aside his toys for other interests. Recently those bricks came back into his life as a father of two. From there David developed the Sorted By Sunday system to help improve how his family built with Lego and created this site to share it with the world.

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